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How do you pick the best kegerator for your man cave, cabin, or patio season? Based on Amazon reviews, kegerators are selected based on their chilling factor, quality of their parts, how reliable they, their cost and how easy it is to service them. Kegerators are a hot ticket and companies are starting to offer many great options.

Say goodbye to bottles and cans! Whatever your budget, there’s a beer refrigerator (ie. kegerator) for you. Your house will be the place to be once you get your first kegerator - you may never get rid of your friends!

Where Kegerators came from

The kegerator seems to be the making of many DIYers dreams, filling the need to have the freshest beer served sparklingly cool. It’s likely that what we know as kegerators today surfaced in the early 1900s, in small town saloons and pubs that wanted to keep their beers offerings cold using a beer refrigerator. When prohibition came around in North America, beer was still being sold and served in the United Kingdom. Guinness would be delivered in the UK after World War One ended and the kegerator was the delivery tool.

The soda foundation came about around the same time in the US, invented by Jacob Baur a pharmacist. In the early 1900s, he made factory models and sold soda fountains to drugs stores. Rapid technology advancements came about as people started to think differently about their beverages. By 1933, when beer was legalized again, the foundation had been laid for what we now know as a kegerator.

Kegerator basics to consider

The kegerator is a beer refrigerator for kegs. Instead of buying your weekly load of bottles or cans, you can head over to you favourite craft brewery one a month and purchase a full keg. They money savings are great! It’s basically a keg coupler hooked up to a tap inside a fridge with a hose. A CO2 tank is attached (which you’ll need to get CO2 for) and to ensure that your beer has the right amount of carbonation, a regulator is included.

They are typically on wheels, making them easy to move around for wherever the party is in your home, then store it away when not in use. Another thing you beer connoisseurs will like, is the short beer lines, making excessive foam or flat-restaurant served beer a thing of the past. Newer restaurants especially have long lines connecting over 50 to 100 types of beer in kegs or brite tanks to the taps, resulting in lots of waste of some excellent beers.

Best Kegerator

Types of Kegerators

There’s a winning formula for the best kegerators. The most well-known brands are Versonel Kegerators, Edgestar Kegerators, and Nostalgia Kegerators.

Best kegerators for restaurants

It can be a big undertaking financially to have multiple beer lines. If you’re not doing large volumes of fresh beer, more than 5 or 6 kegs a week, the maintenance alone for a traditional set-up can be quite problematic. Here’s where the kegerator saves the day.

They come in many designs to serve whatever your restaurant’s needs are. Kegerator saves the day! They make it super easy for you to start offering a small selection of draught beer without a huge financial investment.

Saving your restaurant money

Buying draught beer in volume saves money. More volume = less cost per portion and it stays good to serve for up to one month. Then, you only need to sell a few glass per day to cover the cost of the keg and because you’re wasting less draught beer, your profit margins go up.

Serve all the beer types you want

A big beer brand will often cover the start-up capital to install new lines in a restaurant, because they’ll be making money off of you. It seems like a good idea because you don’t have to put up capital to get the new beer up and running, but you are tied to that specific brand which can be priced higher at inferior quality than your local craft breweries.

You choose whichever breweries you like and run them through the beer kegerator. Really, you can switch out the beers as your customers finish them, keeping your beer menu fresh.

Using kegerators at home

What’s better than coming home after a long week of work and life to a crisp, cold draught beer? Not much!

There are pretty cost effective and you can get them brand new from Ebay and Amazon. Bonus? You could have your very own in time for the weekend. For home use kegerators, there are a few key things to think about when purchasing.

If you’re a big entertainer like me, you’ll likely want your kegerator to move with you from living room to backyard so portability is key. As long as you’ve got a power outlet, you’re good to go.

One of the other most important considerations is how easy it is to clean. Just like a refridgerator, it should have smooth surfaces that are easy to wipe. And, when a keg runs out, before connecting a new one, always clean out the lines to avoid having a draught beer that tastes funny.

Best Kegerator Reviews

EdgeStar Full Size Dual Tap Kegerator with Digital Display

With two taps, you’ll have your two favorite beers at your fingertips. It’s quiet and stylish. It has a good temperature range, is mobile, and can be plugged into a standard electrical plug. It can hold one to three kegs depending on their width with its roomy interior. It also has an integrated drip tray to contain spills. An empty CO2 tank is included that you can get filled.

The only negatives reviewers have commented on are that each tap doesn’t have its own regulator and that it’s a single gauge, making it difficult to gauge how much CO2 you have left. Thanks to EdgeStar’s excellent customer service, any issues purchasers may have are dealt with quickly and easily.

EdgeStar Dual Tap Kegerator

Kegco Full-Size Digital Homebrew Kegerator

Kegco Kegerator

This lovely model comes with digital temperature controls allowing you to get super specific about the temperature of your favorite brew. With a wide temperature range, you can ferment your own brew or simply dispense a great draught.

It also has a large, easy to clean interior. The deep chill function lets you quickly cool down a keg that is too warm. And you can convert the kegerator into a refrigerator with two removable shelves. The only less-than-stellar comments were about the generic variety of the instructions.

EdgeStar Full Size Kegerator and Keg Beer Cooler

Like the other two kegerators mentioned, this EdgeStar has a variable temperature range, can be converted into a refrigerator for extra storage during parties, casters for mobility and drip tray to catch tipsy spills. Note that it does not fit oversize, rubberized kegs.

It’s a great middle priced kegerator and the reviews reflect that.

EdgeStar Single Tap Kegerator

Versonel Freestanding Full Keg Kegerator Beer Fridge Dispenser

Versonel Kegerator

If you want the best kegerator option, the Versonal is a great choice. It’s sleek with stainless steel and black features, fitting into the most particularly designed kitchen. It has an enhanced LCD display for managing the temperature, which is a super important consideration - beer tastes best when it’s the right temperature. The chrome guard rail on the exterior prevents breakage of your favourite beer stein, wheel fixtures for portability and high-quality tap handle.


If you want to amp up your draught beer game at home, purchasing a kegerator is the way to go. Come home after a long week to a glass of your favorite craft beer sparkling, cold and delicious. A kegerator is essentially a mini-fridge that’s been modified to have a tap on the top so you can dispense your very own draught beer. They maintain the freshness of your keg and produce delicious, creamy head and the perfect cold temperature. Make sure you meet your budget and household needs by doing your research here first.

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