Beer Refrigerator

If you’re buying a gift for the man in your life, no matter if it’s for Father’s Day, his birthday, or any other reason to celebrate him, you’ve come to the right place. The gift of a beer refrigerator that will give him the perfectly cold can or bottle at his fingertips for years to come is the way to go.

There are lots and lots of beer refrigerators, beverage centres and mini refrigerators to choose from. I’ve sorted through the reviews and pulled out the ones that I think are the best for your home, kitchen, man cave, basement or garage. They can range in size from overly large to ridiculously small and can be directly plugged in the wall anywhere, while some other types must be built into your counter and installed by a professional.

I’ve looked at the two main beer refrigerator musts - temperature and can/bottle capacity - and have put my beer refrigerator reviews below. Read on!

What to look for in a beer refrigerator


Don’t let a small footprint fool you. Many beer fridges these days are called beverage centres and they allow to you store bottles and cans of different shapes and sizes both standing up and lying down.


There are many options to choose from and the prices ranges can vary from a hundred dollers to several hundred dollars. Always keep in mind what your maximum budget is that you feel comfortable spending and stay in check.


Solid door or glass door? You can find both. Black and stainless steel finishes are the most popular and you can get beer refrigerator skins to amp the look of your beer refrigerator up.

Temperature Control

Some models are superior to others and one of things that makes them so is if they have multiple temperature controls for different types of beers.

​Beer Refrigerator Reviews

Wine Enthusiast Evolution Series Beverage Center

Wine Enthusiast Beer Refrigerator

This is the favorite beer refrigerator of many reviewers. It’s in the beverage centre category, which just means it can hold different types of bottles and cans, event wine bottles! It’s smaller than some other units which may seem like a disadvantage but it’s got an interesting layout that lets you store different bottles and cans lying down and standing up. In total, it can hold a whopping 86 cans. Whoa!

Beer refrigerator reviews noted that it does guzzle a little bit more power on your electricity bill compared to some other models, but that it was well worth the extra coin because it holds an even temperature throughout the inside of the unit to make sure all your bottles and cans are served at the exact right temperature.

It does happen to be a bit more pricey than other beer refrigerators, but based on the review, I think it’s well worth it for the quality overall.

Igloo Platinum Fridge

This baby is a mammoth in the world of beverage dispensers according to beer refrigerator reviews. It can hold up to 100 cans, so you don’t need to go searching in your regular kitchen refrigerator for your favorite brew.

Designed off a regular mini-fridge just liked you’d find in a tiny apartment for university dorm room, it’s got a small freezer at the top and a door-based can dispenser. With the freezer being at the top, it can cause your cans to get a little too cold and freeze. To avoid this, beer refrigerator reviews say to rotate your stock every so often.

If you like to match your beer refrigerator to your decor, you can get one of these Igloo Platinum beer refrigerators in almost any color. While stainless steel-like platinum silver look is my fav, there’s also red, blue, black, lime, white, and purple to make your selection from. Some might even be available to be delivered via Amazon with Prime shipping.

Igloo Beer Refrigerator

Danby Contemporary Classic Special Edition Compact All Refrigerator, Scarlett Metallic Red

Danby Beer Refrigerator Red

This Danby model is a lovely little purchase that might appeal to you if your style is more retro. It’s higher on the price range but well worth it. It’s got many top notch features including LED lights in white to see your fav brews better, glass shelves, chrome trim and a black interior.

Accodring to beer refrigerator reviews, it’s also a highly efficient unit, using less electricity than other beer refrigerators.

The one con that reviewers mention is the cost. It can be almost twice the cost of lower quality, not as good looking options. I definitely think it’s worth it, though, given the quality and the way it looks.

Danby Beverage Center, Stainless Steel

If you like the sounds of a beverage center over a standard mini-fridge beer refrigerator, Danby has this little beauty. You can expect to pull out a perfectly chilled can every time with it’s super stable temperature control. Unlike similar brand’s models, this unit is a little bit smaller, holding only 85 cans compared to others that can hold up to 100 cans.

If you’re looking to purchase something fast, this might be the best option. It’s super easy to find it listed with several online retailers and is among the best on your wallet in this beverage center category.

Danby Beer Refrigerator Beverage Center

EdgeStar Beverage Center Stainless Door

EdgeStar Beer Refrigerator Beverage Centre

This is one to put on the do not purchase list. This beverage center beer refrigerator is one of a few models that has a solid stainless steel door. It’s on the high end of the price spectrum and it’s iffy temperature control can be bad for the long term quality of your beer Some beer refrigerator reviews noted that the temperature varied by up to four degrees.

While the slick stainless steel door might fit in with your kitchen looks, it’s kind of annoying having to open the door to see what’s inside. Not to mention the fact that it doesn’t come with one of favorite features, LED strip lighting, which is pretty standard on higher end options.


When buying a beer refrigerator either as a gift or for yourself, there a few key things to consider. Physical size of the unit you’ll be buying and how many cans and bottles it’ll hold will depend on how big you like to keep your brew collection. What colors it comes in may be a major consideration especially if you like things to look good together in the room you’re planning on putting your beer refrigerator. Price is obviously a major factor depending on what your budget is. Lastly, whether you want a solid door or a glass door. There are lots of beer refrigerators to choose from and I hope that the reviews I’ve done here help you make what will be one of the best decisions of your life.

If you're more of a wine drinker, check out our wine cooler reviews.

Wine Refrigerator Reviews

Are you a wine lover and want to impress your friends? Build a wine refrigerator into your kitchen! Keeping your wine cool and at the best temperature has never been easier, no matter if you love white wine or red wine. All wine refrigerator reviews note that the wine refrigerators will keep wine in the fridge between a temperature of 45 to 65 F. Dual zone units can keep reads and their own perfect temperature and whites at another perfect temperature, plus the added bonus of a spot for sparkling wines in some more premium units making you the perfect host serving crisp, delicious bubbly.

These wine refrigerator reviews will give you options for buying a wine refrigerator for your man cave, home kitchen, restaurant or other indoor entertaining area. That’s because they work best when the indoor temperature around them stays an even temperature.

According to wine refrigerator reviews, there are two types of wine refrigerators that you can buy - thermoelectric and compressor versions (like your normal kitchen fridge) that cool using Freon. They both have their advantages and disadvantages. Thermoelectric can be quieter and are Freon-free (it is a toxin afterall). Compressor types can chill your wine bottles to a lower temperature.

Many are available to be bought and delivered directly to your front door for immediate use in your living room bar area from Amazon and Ebay. Wine refrigerator reviews commented to keep an eye on the packaging when unloading and be in touch with the manufacturer if anything comes with dents.

Wine Refrigerator Reviews Say to Look for these things


The first thing you need to do is decide how much money you want to spend. Wine refrigerator reviews note that wine refrigerators come in a large price range, from a couple hundred to a couple thousand dollars and beyond. Are you a champagne drinker on a beer budget? Go for something a little lower on the price range. If you’re a champagne drinker on a champagne budget, go whole hog and get the deluxe! Most of the wine refrigerator reviews here will look at four star products and above.

Install Location

Think about where you’ll be installing your wine refrigerator, as this is super important. The room that your wine refrigerator is in is better to have a stable temperature so the unit doesn’t have to work crazy haard to keep your wines a consistent temperature. Also think about the size of your wine collection - if you’re a major collector, you’ll have to look at wine refrigerator reviews for larger units, or multiple units that can be installed together. Especially if you’re diving into a kitchen or house renovation project any time soon, do your research early and comb the wine refrigerator reviews to find the one you want to buy, then get the specs on that specific model to give to your kitchen designer.

What types of wine will you be storing and serving?

This plays into the unit you’ll be buying in a huge way. I found out from wine refrigerator reviews that red wines and white wines are stored at different temperatures, and that even sparkling wine has a different ideal temperature. Many models will have dual or even triple zone temprature controls, in order to serve your precious bottles at the exact right temperature.

Temperature controls

Speaking of temperature controls, as mentioned above, the two ways the wine refrigerators keep your wine bottles cold are by thermoelectrics or using a compressor that utilizes freon. It really is a matter of what you like best. Both types chill wines to perfectly acceptable industry standard temperatures.

Quality control

If you’re like me, you might not have thought about this before. Wine refrigerator reviews talk about the awesome feature of having an insulated and tinted glass front door on your wine refrigerator to keep UV rays and other light damage away from your precious cargo. You’ll especially want to consider this option if you’re a big collector and have several very expensive bottles of red wine, white wine and sparkling wine in your collection of delicious wines that you’ve brought back with you from various trips and wine tours and from your wine club subscription.

Surface material

Looking at different models purely on looks is totally ok according to wine refrigerator reviews. Especially if your wife has a certain design look in your kitchen, having the option to buy black or stainless steel is great. There are also many skins you can purchase or get custom doors added by a kitchen builder to have your wine refrigerator fit seemlessly into your existing kitchen.


A few select units come with an LED strip light option that adds a little zing to your wine refrigerator look. If you’re having a romantic night at home with your wife, and the lights are low, and you want to grab the perfect bottle, this is a great option.

Door set-up

You know that feeling when you walk into a kitchen and door handle is on the wrong side for where it is in the kitchen? Yea? I hate that too. So, there are some models that will come with the ability to detach the door and reattach so it has the opposite door swing. Super handy if you’re all about efficiency and want your wine refrigerator to open as smoothly as possible.


Knowing your install location for your wine refrigerator is super important. Once you decide on the type of wine refrigerator you’re going to buy based on wine refrigerator reviews, you’ll want to download or request the specs to get the dimensions. Make sure to measure the space the you have with the knowing that you need to have several inches of space behind most models to make sure that your wine refrigerator will cool evenly. This is where having your wine refrigerator in a location with a stable temperature (likely in your basement, kitchen, garage, or man cave) is important.

Again, if you’re planning a renovation any time soon, do your research and read the wine refrigerator reviews here so that you can plan for the size of the wine refrigerator you want.

Sliding Shelves

For sleek entertaining and impressing special people, buying a model that has sliding shelves if a great option. It makes taking inventory of your collection easy and then in the moment, finding the exact bottle you want to drink a breeze.

Locking Ability

Kids can be very curious about anything that is at their eye level. Finding a model that has a locking door is the perfect way to keep them out for their safety as well as your wine collection’s safety! 🙂

Warranty and Customer Service

We all know that to most companies, keeping their clients happy is one of their main goals. Accorindg to wine refrigerator reviews, most companies will offer a multi-year warranty of around two years for defective parts of the wine refrigerator. It’s also good to understand the process for getting replacement parts. Do you have to go direct tot he manufacturer? Or can you purchase from a local supplier? These are all key considerations when looking at wine refrigerator reviews.

Wine Cooler Reviews

Haier 6-Bottle Wine Cellar with Electronic Controls

Haier Wine Cooler Review

This wine refrigerator has a pretty tiny footprint and you can get it in 6 to 18 bottle capacity sizes bepending on the size of your wine collection. Many wine refrigerator reviews like that tiny footprint and how quietly the unit runs. It’s also a good budget option and offers pretty stable temperatures for your wines. On the topic of size, reviewers mention that it’s best to plan for a ½” of space on the side that the door will swing so that you can easily load and unload your wine bottles. Also, remember to leave proper amount of clearance at the back so that the air can circulate properly and keep your bottles cool.

Avanti 12 Bottle Thermoelectric Counter Top Wine Cooler

Even the smallest kitchen can enjoy a wine refrigerator with this Avanti unit. Wine refrigerator reviews like the price for the features that you get. It did get a few negative reviews, but the majority of commenters noted it’s the best purchase for the money they wanted to spend.

Avanti wine cooler reviews

Allavino FlexCount Black 56 Bottle Dual Zone Wine Refrigerator

Allavino Wine Cooler reviews

For a premium version, the Allavino is the top choice. It’s got a 56 bottle capacity, the very helpful dual temperature system and an advanced cooling system. Each shelf has wooden slats on the bottom where your wine bottles nestle in nicely to prevent breakage. One unique feature this Allavino model has that the other wine refrigerator reviews here don’t have is a front venting system. While it saves space at the back of the fridge (because you don’t have to allow quite so much for air movement), so reviewers mentioned that it makes it a little noisier than other wine refrigerators.


If you’re a wine collector already or are just getting started, looking at wine refrigerator reviews is a great way to get you up and running with your wine refrigeration game. I know you’re a discerning bunch and you want your wine refrigerator purchase to work well and look great. There are many options, with several wine refrigerator reviews noted here to help you make a decision that is sure to be a life changer.

Mini Kegerator

If you’re on a budget and don’t want to shell out the cash for a large kegerator, a mini kegerator is an excellent, low cost option. If you want to be the host of the century, serving fresh, cold beer, you must have a mini keg. Your cool factor will go up 100 fold! If you’re like me, there’s nothing better than comin’ home after a long week on the job to nice fresh beer in your favorite recliner. I used to awkwardly store my pony kegs in by large, regular refrigerator and now that I have a mini kegerator, there’s no more having to pull it out of my kitchen fridge whenever I want to serve a buddy

No matter if you’re planning to buy one as a gift for your dad and to add to your exquisite man cave, you’ll find all the info you need to make an informed mini kegerator purchase. There are a lt of choices out there and I want to make sure that you’re spending your hard earned money well. This is a major purchase, and doing your research will pay off in the future. With crappy mini kegerators, your beer could be at risk! I know it’s a big deal so read on and discover the best kegerator for your needs.

I’ve stringently tested many mini kegerators in the search for the very best and most slick one. Below you’ll find reviews from well known brands in the marketplace including EdgeStar Mini Kegerators, KRUPS, and personal favourite Avanti.

What makes a great mini kegerator?

Some key things to look at when you’re considering purchasing a mini kegerator are below. Remember, take your time, read mini kegerator reviews and don’t be afraid to email the manufacturer and ask questions.


Quality is best here, over cheap price. Look at the accessories on the mini kegerator and if they seem cheap, choose a differnt one. You want to make one purchase and have it for a long time, because really, you’re never going to stop loving beer!

Key design features

Temperature is king when selecting a mini kegerator! Obviously, different beers can be served at different temperatures, so having an adjustable gauge is helpful. I also lovethat I can move my mini kegerator wherever the party is because it just plugs into the wall. It’s light (as long as a full pony keg isn’t in it!) meaning I can take it into my living room or man cave, depending on what my buddies want to do.

Chilled Beer!

Instead of picking up a pony keg and having to let it sit out on the counter when the party starts, a mini kegerator will keep it a cool, even temperature.

Comes with other accessories

Depending on the type of beer you buy, you might need a conversion kit. Some mini kegerator brands have a kit that you can buy so that you can enjoy any type of beer you like.

The Top Mini Kegerator Contenders

KRUPS and HEINEKEN B100 BeerTender

KRUPS Mini Kegerator

This amazing mini kegerator is super popular and lighter than some of the other contender making it more movable and easier to pick up that some other brands. They happen to be teaming up with Heineken to grab a strong hold of the market. If Heineken is your very favorite beer, you’ll likely want to head out right away and pick up this KRUPS mini kegerator.

It keeps a pretty stable temperature with its LED temperature gauge and has a drip tray that you can take out a empty for those three-beers-in nights. It’ll keep the wife happy, too, by keeping the counter nice and clean. KRUPS is pretty good with their warranties and offers a two year one on this model. The price is right with this KRUPS model too. It won’t break your wallet and make the wife mad about another awesome purchase for your man cave.

Avanti Beer Dispenser

While this Avanti model has an overall three star review, I thought I’d include it so you can see some variety. The market for mini kegerators is a bit smaller than their larger counterparts.

One of the biggest reasons people like this Avanti model is that it’s compressor cooled, like a standard kitchen refrigerator. This makes it last longer too, versus thermoelectric models that can burn up quick. It has a variable temperature range to cool your favorite brew to the exact temperature you like.

Avanti Mini Kegerator

Koolatron 5-Liter Beer Keg Chiller

This slick looking Koolatron model has several five star reviews and is also priced well to keep you wallet happy. Many reviewers have said it makes a great gift for their boyfriends and husbands. It keeps the pony keg cold, is easy to clean and like the other options, is easy to move around to different spots in your house because it’s thermoelectric. It’s also got a removable drip tray and uses standard 5L gravity kegs.

Koolatron Mini Kegerator

SPT Mini Kegerator & Dispenser

SPT Mini Kegerator

This option again accepts a standard 5L keg and the Heineken mini keg. It comes with three CO2 cartridges which last for approximately one keg (depending on how many pours you’re doing) and has a beauty of a stainless steel housing. It chills beer in up to 21 hours to standard exellent beer temperatures. It’s set up to tap non-pressurized kegs and you can also get an adapter to install and use your New Castle or Heineken kegs. You can also add decorative handles!

It does get a three star review on average, with several mini kegerator reviewers mentioning getting a lot of foam on their draughts. Something to watch for if you do give it a chance. Check to make sure you’ll be able to return it if you do end up purchasing it.


Mini kegerators are a growing market and I’ve reviewed the best products I could find here. Keep your eyes open for new products in this exciting market niche. I know my preference but really, all we want in a mini kegerator is a machine the will keep our favorite beer at the best, crisp cold temperature to serve up to our friends. All the info provided in this article should give you a great starting point for your mini kegerator purchase. For more on the best kegerator, read this. Head on out and get yours today!

Also, if you're not a beer drinker, check out my wine cooler reviews.​

Wine Cooler Reviews

Want to up your wine game? Looking for wine cooler reviews? Adding a wine cooler to your kitchen is a slick way to cool down wine. They’ll keep your wine at the perfect serving temperature so you’re never caught serving that white too warm or that red too cold. The majority of wine coolers have a temperature range from 45-65 F. There are some dual-zone models that have separate zones for white and red, keeping them at 45 F for white and 65 F for red. For sparkling wines, there are some models that will chill to lower temperatures of 40-43 F, serving your guests a perfect, crisp beverage.

Generally, the wine cooler reviews here are best for use in your house, garage, or restaurant, where the surrounding temperature remains the same. There are thermoelectric coolers that are quieter and Freon-free (a major toxin) or you can consider a compressor-type wine cooler that can chill your bottles to a lower temperature.

You can buy them direct online from sites like Amazon and EBay and have them delivered right to your door within a few weeks of the purchase date. They generally get delivered well packaged, but read the reviews for comments from other buyers.

What to Look for in a Wine Cooler


The first thing to consider is your budget. Wine coolers can range from a couple hundred dollars to a several thousand dollars. Do you want the cream of the crop? Go look at wine cooler reviews with four stars and above. If your budget is middle of the road, don’t worry about getting something with three stars. Most reviewers will tell you what they like and don’t like about each style of unit.

Install Location

Where you’ll be putting your wine cooler is important. You want the room to have an even temperature. Think about how many bottles and types of wine you’d like to store. This can be a major consideration especially if you’re planning to renovate your kitchen any time soon. Research wine coolers early in that process so you can plan the size of the wine cooler into the plans.

What types of wine do you like?

Lastly, you’ll want to consider the types of wine that you want to store. Are you a red wine drinker? A crisp white wine enjoyer? Maybe sparkling wines are your favourite. Read the wine cooler reviews carefully to find the specs around which type of wine the cooler you’re looking at is best.

Features you can get

Temperature controls

There are two types of ways that the temperature can be controlled - thermoelectrically and compressor type coolers that use freon. Both can be adjusted to chill wines to acceptable industry standards. It really depends on what you feel most comfortable with.

Protecting your wine

If you’ve got a very valuable collection, look for wine coolers that have a tinted, insulated glass door. This will prevent UV damage that can cause your wine to go bad. The best wine coolers will prevent damage to your wine from light rays and temperature changes (either getting too hot or too cold). Read up on wine storage facts.

Door material

Black and stainless steel are pretty standard, but you can get customized fronts to match your kitchen.


Lighting can be a fun feature to have to wow your guests and some units come with LED stripes.

Door Swing

Some come as a reversible door unit allowing you to change the way the door swings open if you’re right handed or left handed, or the space your in would be more efficient if the door swung a different direction.


If you know exactly where you’d like to use your wine cooler, make sure there’s enough space by finding the specifications for the exact model and measuring with a measuring tape. Having enough space for proper ventilation is key, too. Your wine won’t get very cold if the air around your wine cooler doesn’t have space to circulate and bring in fresh air. If you have a large collection, you have get larger, multi-door units that provide a sleek, uniform appearance. Also look at the number of bottles a wine cooler will hold to get one that matches your rpeferences.

Sliding Shelves

For ultra-convenience, look at models that allow you to slide of the shelf to easily read labels and choose the perfect wine for the dinner party or gathering you’re holding.


If you have kids and they have friends over or you host parties where friends bring kids, it can be helpful to have a unit that has locks. It’s best to keep wine locked away for the kiddies to avoid anything drastic happening.

Customer Service

Warranties for wine coolers tend to be similar, especially due to the amount of money that you’ll be spending on a fridge. Companies want to keep their clients happy. You’ll want to look through the warranty for whichever wine cooler you’re thinking about carefully to make sure you don’t miss anything. Also, remember to register the unit you purchase with the manufacturer if they require it.

You may be interested in finding out how easy it is to get parts to repplace broken ones. The more convenient the manufacturer makes it for you the better. Especially these days - they must sell them online! Most companies will provide both phone and email support through their websites.

Wine Cooler Reviews

Haier 6-Bottle Wine Cellar with Electronic Controls

Haier Wine Cooler Review

A super compact wine cooler, this Haier model comes in six to 18 bottle sizes and it’ll be easy on your wallet. The majority of customer reviews love the small footprint, the quiet operation, and the temperature levels it keeps. Comments also tell buyers to allow an extra ½” of room for the door to swing open for easy removal of wine bottles. Remember to give it enough space behind and around it to make sure that it will cool your wine properly.

Avanti 12 Bottle Thermoelectric Counter Top Wine Cooler

This Avanti model is another compact unit that you can install into even the tiniest kitchen. Reviewers liked the price for what you got and while it did get some negative reviews, many commented that it was the best bang for their dollars.

Avanti wine cooler reviews

Allavino FlexCount Black 56 Bottle Dual Zone Wine Refrigerator

Allavino Wine Cooler Reviews

For a high-quality, high-end version, this is the way to go. This unit fits nine bottles on each of its five shelves. Along with the dual temperature controls and advanced cooling system, the wine cooler shelves have wooden slats to make sure that if the bottles get bumped around then won’t bump into each other and break. It has front venting instead of back venting, allowing for less space needed at the back. However, some reviewers commented that this made the fridge noisier than other versions.


If you want to step up your wine game and serve the most discerning wine drinkers in your friend group, buying a wine cooler is a natural step. You can find wine coolers that match the design of your kitchen, easily allow you to pick your favourite wines, lock to keep small children out and fit in your budget. They’re a great investment to class up any kitchen!

Best Kegerator

How do you pick the best kegerator for your man cave, cabin, or patio season? Based on Amazon reviews, kegerators are selected based on their chilling factor, quality of their parts, how reliable they, their cost and how easy it is to service them. Kegerators are a hot ticket and companies are starting to offer many great options.

Say goodbye to bottles and cans! Whatever your budget, there’s a beer refrigerator (ie. kegerator) for you. Your house will be the place to be once you get your first kegerator - you may never get rid of your friends!

Where Kegerators came from

The kegerator seems to be the making of many DIYers dreams, filling the need to have the freshest beer served sparklingly cool. It’s likely that what we know as kegerators today surfaced in the early 1900s, in small town saloons and pubs that wanted to keep their beers offerings cold using a beer refrigerator. When prohibition came around in North America, beer was still being sold and served in the United Kingdom. Guinness would be delivered in the UK after World War One ended and the kegerator was the delivery tool.

The soda foundation came about around the same time in the US, invented by Jacob Baur a pharmacist. In the early 1900s, he made factory models and sold soda fountains to drugs stores. Rapid technology advancements came about as people started to think differently about their beverages. By 1933, when beer was legalized again, the foundation had been laid for what we now know as a kegerator.

Kegerator basics to consider

The kegerator is a beer refrigerator for kegs. Instead of buying your weekly load of bottles or cans, you can head over to you favourite craft brewery one a month and purchase a full keg. They money savings are great! It’s basically a keg coupler hooked up to a tap inside a fridge with a hose. A CO2 tank is attached (which you’ll need to get CO2 for) and to ensure that your beer has the right amount of carbonation, a regulator is included.

They are typically on wheels, making them easy to move around for wherever the party is in your home, then store it away when not in use. Another thing you beer connoisseurs will like, is the short beer lines, making excessive foam or flat-restaurant served beer a thing of the past. Newer restaurants especially have long lines connecting over 50 to 100 types of beer in kegs or brite tanks to the taps, resulting in lots of waste of some excellent beers.

Best Kegerator

Types of Kegerators

There’s a winning formula for the best kegerators. The most well-known brands are Versonel Kegerators, Edgestar Kegerators, and Nostalgia Kegerators.

Best kegerators for restaurants

It can be a big undertaking financially to have multiple beer lines. If you’re not doing large volumes of fresh beer, more than 5 or 6 kegs a week, the maintenance alone for a traditional set-up can be quite problematic. Here’s where the kegerator saves the day.

They come in many designs to serve whatever your restaurant’s needs are. Kegerator saves the day! They make it super easy for you to start offering a small selection of draught beer without a huge financial investment.

Saving your restaurant money

Buying draught beer in volume saves money. More volume = less cost per portion and it stays good to serve for up to one month. Then, you only need to sell a few glass per day to cover the cost of the keg and because you’re wasting less draught beer, your profit margins go up.

Serve all the beer types you want

A big beer brand will often cover the start-up capital to install new lines in a restaurant, because they’ll be making money off of you. It seems like a good idea because you don’t have to put up capital to get the new beer up and running, but you are tied to that specific brand which can be priced higher at inferior quality than your local craft breweries.

You choose whichever breweries you like and run them through the beer kegerator. Really, you can switch out the beers as your customers finish them, keeping your beer menu fresh.

Using kegerators at home

What’s better than coming home after a long week of work and life to a crisp, cold draught beer? Not much!

There are pretty cost effective and you can get them brand new from Ebay and Amazon. Bonus? You could have your very own in time for the weekend. For home use kegerators, there are a few key things to think about when purchasing.

If you’re a big entertainer like me, you’ll likely want your kegerator to move with you from living room to backyard so portability is key. As long as you’ve got a power outlet, you’re good to go.

One of the other most important considerations is how easy it is to clean. Just like a refridgerator, it should have smooth surfaces that are easy to wipe. And, when a keg runs out, before connecting a new one, always clean out the lines to avoid having a draught beer that tastes funny.

Best Kegerator Reviews

EdgeStar Full Size Dual Tap Kegerator with Digital Display

With two taps, you’ll have your two favorite beers at your fingertips. It’s quiet and stylish. It has a good temperature range, is mobile, and can be plugged into a standard electrical plug. It can hold one to three kegs depending on their width with its roomy interior. It also has an integrated drip tray to contain spills. An empty CO2 tank is included that you can get filled.

The only negatives reviewers have commented on are that each tap doesn’t have its own regulator and that it’s a single gauge, making it difficult to gauge how much CO2 you have left. Thanks to EdgeStar’s excellent customer service, any issues purchasers may have are dealt with quickly and easily.

EdgeStar Dual Tap Kegerator

Kegco Full-Size Digital Homebrew Kegerator

Kegco Kegerator

This lovely model comes with digital temperature controls allowing you to get super specific about the temperature of your favorite brew. With a wide temperature range, you can ferment your own brew or simply dispense a great draught.

It also has a large, easy to clean interior. The deep chill function lets you quickly cool down a keg that is too warm. And you can convert the kegerator into a refrigerator with two removable shelves. The only less-than-stellar comments were about the generic variety of the instructions.

EdgeStar Full Size Kegerator and Keg Beer Cooler

Like the other two kegerators mentioned, this EdgeStar has a variable temperature range, can be converted into a refrigerator for extra storage during parties, casters for mobility and drip tray to catch tipsy spills. Note that it does not fit oversize, rubberized kegs.

It’s a great middle priced kegerator and the reviews reflect that.

EdgeStar Single Tap Kegerator

Versonel Freestanding Full Keg Kegerator Beer Fridge Dispenser

Versonel Kegerator

If you want the best kegerator option, the Versonal is a great choice. It’s sleek with stainless steel and black features, fitting into the most particularly designed kitchen. It has an enhanced LCD display for managing the temperature, which is a super important consideration - beer tastes best when it’s the right temperature. The chrome guard rail on the exterior prevents breakage of your favourite beer stein, wheel fixtures for portability and high-quality tap handle.


If you want to amp up your draught beer game at home, purchasing a kegerator is the way to go. Come home after a long week to a glass of your favorite craft beer sparkling, cold and delicious. A kegerator is essentially a mini-fridge that’s been modified to have a tap on the top so you can dispense your very own draught beer. They maintain the freshness of your keg and produce delicious, creamy head and the perfect cold temperature. Make sure you meet your budget and household needs by doing your research here first.